About the Rolex sky dweller watches blue PARACHROM gossamer

3186 and 3187 movement, the assembly is blue PARACHROM gossamer (in fact, Rolex men's table currently produced all the blue PARACHROM assembly), their only difference is the diameter of the calendar window from the status of the more we have proved that we Of the decision. Related to all the previous sky dweller table equipped with the Rolex movement 1575, REF.16660 watch the initial use of the 3035 movement. 4160 active winding movement, certified by the Swiss official Geographic Station (COSC), the power reserve of 72 hours, screw-in double-lock lock waterproof crown, 4160 active winding movement, , A white dial, blue CERACHROM ring with a countdown set function, fashion square tungsten steel men's swiss replica watches with oyster-style insurance deduction, water depth of 100 meters early Rolex dive depth of the watch for the newly designed REF.1665 watch models , And then the first time the dial is placed "SEA-DWELLER" words. Obviously most of the diving table owner to get their wet hour is when they overturned their fourth cup of martini cocktail, that replica watches uk is why to build waterproof performance is very outstanding DEEPSEA watches to the real most of the time on the ground On the activities of the people? I can only say that this and Rolex for a long time to create the legendary watch the beginning of energy are the same: "Because, Rolex do get.SKY-DWELLER with 18CT permanent rose gold, platinum and gold format, by Rolex own forging plant cast, With the brand's signature features - the triangle outer ring, for those who beg the watch combined, simple and precious and elegant design of the people.

A year when the United States Mercury space program period, Omega Speedmaster table was selected as the official table, accompanied by astronauts expedition space. In this period of Rolex also appeared in a special rare "SINGLERED" version of the table, only printed on red words, and not as the right track SEA-DWELLER watches, anti-1650 feet (500 meters) of water depth. From the perspective of publicity, rolex replica is indeed a strong demand to make a strong statement to prove that the brand in another vast blue world, the overall strength. The general view that these watches have not been sold to the masses, but was distributed to divers, so that after they use the test, to Rolex to respond to comments. By the collectors nicknamed the "MARKI" patent examination of watches in the face plate printed with two lines of red words, identified as "sky dweller" and "SUBMARINER2000", and thus was named "DOUBLEREDSEA-DWELLER".