Rolex small Crown super high performance diving table

To investigate the title of this title, Rolex has developed a row of helium valves, so trapped in the case of helium molecules to be discharged. COMEX pioneered the creation of a saturated dive approach, allowing divers to breathe helium-containing gas to enable deep sea homework, once the obligation to complete the diving, they will return to the decompression chamber, breathing in the cabin the same helium-containing gas, A long decompression process. This MARKIIDOUBLEREDSEA-DWELLER hand outside the dial also has two lines of red words, and a nickname "trance crown" Rolex small crown as a segment, as its name suggests, "trance crown" seems more like a ball and Do not look difficult to identify. I myself that a thin case MARKIIDOUBLERED watch, sent to the protection of a time, the face plate accidentally damaged, and the formation of the value of compensation can not be affected, very sad I eventually had to lose a heavy reluctantly It sells. After 3-piece case structure (the central part of the case to nitrogen alloy stainless steel to build), Rolex successfully created acceptable "enough to destroy the submarine" pressure super-high performance submarine table. So, the introduction of the new exploration II is definitely a big thing, do not look 3186 and 3187 sent a "1", where too much knowledge. This argument is based on the bottom cover is not carved from any replica watches crown or mark, but the outer ring is engraved with "exhaust valve patent search" in the words.

But in decompression, the pressure inside the cabin will weaken the speed of the watch than the internal, this inconvenient scene often lead to watch crystal mirror is rapidly out. In 1960, Rolex opened a new implementation, to create a dive can be sneaked into the deep sea areas (about 2,000 feet or 610 meters underwater diving clock). Rolex in 1977, DOUBLERED face plate to abandon the double row of red words design, instead of producing full text with white REF.1665 models. In addition to exploration II, the replica watches uk this year also introduced four tables, identified with black CERACHROM (high-tech ceramic made) circle of Daytona, between the gold section (904L stainless steel with 18CT permanent rose gold) yacht name Official Type II, with a gold-plated mother of pearl (GOLDUSTDREAM) dial diary special model female form, and 26 mm pocket diary female form.

All the premise of all the changes have taken place on rolex replica , it means that the re-design of a production to hundreds of thousands, the error in seconds of the mechanical movement. Through better diving function, Rolex SEA-DWELLER watches from a new definition of the market from the supply of any kind of diving table, even if we say that SEA-DWELLER dive table in the area of ​​the first to pack the times, will be It's a desecration, because the Rolex SEA-DWELLER watches, whether in the past or in the future, are always a unique style. As the red paint and white paint through the bottom of the baptism occurred during the chemical reaction, the two lines of these watches, "The Scarlet Letter" gradually faded to pale pink. In these watches design has been discarded "SUBMARINER2000" words, and for SUBMARINER and SEA-DWELLER to make further product segmentation. Deep-sea exploration in 1960 gradually become soaring, people began to break into the ocean abyss, mining seabed oilfield.