Rolex SEA-DWELLER antique table collection how

In this batch of practical watches, some models did not carry a row of helium valve installation (people speculated that Rolex watches such as the only non-valve wiping cough? 30), most of them can not go through the high diving depth test. MARKII table section there is another distinct feature is the face plate "DWELLER" words in the "D" with "W" is linked together, and "ROLEX" "L" letter is also facing the middle of the crown . During this period produced by Rolex SEA-DWELLER replica watches uk have been used thicker case design. These watches are collectors known as the "great watch" (THEGREATWHITE). New exploration II, function exactly the same, the case diameter is raised to 42 mm. rolex replica was already a request for helium valves, but has not yet been patented, the diving table on the back of the same equipped with a prominent Rolex crown carving. SEA-DWELLER watch the introduction and extension Is SEA-DWELLER watch the invention of the film as "rock cut years (THISISSPINALTAP)" in the play, NIGELTUFNEL said, "the volume rushed to the largest bar, is the human proud of the abuse of technology The move, perhaps Rolex decided to surrender the declaration of the deep sea? Suppose we look at the current episode of the episode or agreed to find a best answer.

In this special exaggeration: the purchase of antique Rolex SEA-DWELLER watches (especially the first three generations of MARKI to MARKIIIDOUBLERED watch), the most important hub is to carefully reflect the face plate, because this is precisely the value of these brand-name watches location. At that time the Rolex SUBMARINERREF.5513 watch the water depth of 660 feet (200 meters), therefore, to dive in one breath to enhance the depth of three times the idea is very ambitious. The Rolex crown on its face plate is very clear and conspicuous, although the line is thin, wide interval between the five tip, the first root and the final alignment of a pointed minute to distinguish the minute minute 2 and 58 minutes. At that time these watches for COMEX company's diving obligations to manufacture, not brazenly on the market to sell, some people guess Rolex had to public relations strategy, sent a few watches to dealers around the world. Ordinary speculation rolex replica MARKIIIDOUBLEREDSEA-DWELLER table models than the output of the MARKII watch less. The biggest difference between this movement is its vibration frequency from 19,800 rpm to 28,800 rpm, and has a higher shock results. Because these watches face plate used in the paint because of frequent exposure to ultraviolet light and chemical reactions, will lead to a long time down into a chocolate face plate, which are also nicknamed "chocolate MARK IIDOUBLEREDSEA-DWELLER watch", also Because of its extraordinary face plate color in the auction will be following the Rolex patent SEA-DWELLER patent after the second high-priced models.