Rolex Log Women 116201 Series watch

Rolex watches make the world famous watch brand, it is stable, applicable, not flashy design style, much people push the weight, and accuracy and durability of Rolex even more extraordinary worth. Because it is a solid workmanship and create a number of replica watches uk the history of innovation such as the creation of the world's first dust-proof waterproof watch, the first can automatically convert the date of the calendar and so on. With it is equivalent to having a successful career, he has become a synonym for successful people. Now with you tastes classic classic - Rolex Women 116201 log series.

Dial gold rose used in the modification, in 10 time scale on the use of diamonds for assembly, so that the dial crystal clear, like the stars of the night sky, against the background of the elegant lady noble and elegant, dial with rolex replica English alphabet Carved patterns to decorate the dial. So that the entire watch very dynamic and dynamic. One of the most dazzling is his crown LOGO, and to show its dominance in the field of watches. Case using 18K Perkin for the material, and the dial rose gold against each other, look resplendent. Log type is used in the shape of a smooth commemorative bracelet, side to see the bracelet every detail and aspect to do is still quite perfect, and there is no protruding or uncoordinated part.

This watch is cal.3135 movement, this movement is 6 mm thicker than the average thickness of the movement so some of the overall case will be thicker. One of the biggest features of the calendar is the calendar function, the end of the calendar instantaneous jump lever is equipped with a limit to play a role in the ruby ​​roller, so in addition to the calendar can play the king of the accurate beating to reduce friction effectively improve power . It is also a complex function of the replica watches, in addition to normal functions, it has a modified calendar show, for this complex installation of watches and clocks to give an unparalleled consolidation and reliability. Such a perfect functional design, 堪称 world-class. It sets accurate, solid and reliable Rolex watches such as the famous features in one. Fully meet the needs of the wearer watch and Qingli transformation, forge ahead with the passion and inventiveness. So that successful people love at hand.